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Porto Venere

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The name says it all, and perhaps any presentation is superfluous. Porto Venere is one of the world's most famous Ligurian villages, one of the most frequented by tourists and celebrities, and together with the three islands of the archipelago and the Cinque Terre it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 The town was built around the sixth century B.C. and owes its name to the temple of Venus which stood exactly in the place where now stands the church of St. Peter, on the farthest point of the headland. From fishing village, Porto Venere became a Byzantine naval base until the Lombard invasion. The dark centuries of the Middle Ages and the battles for the control of the village helped to create the spectacular defensive palisade, which made the village as a stronghold on the sea.


Besides the beauty of the monuments such as the castle, the church of San Lorenzo, the church of St. Peter and the colorful facades, in Porto Venere you can find beaches for you to fully enjoy the sun and the constant breeze and boats to reach the island of Palmaria , at all hours. The territory was transformed into the Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere ( and it also includes the villages of Fezzano, Le Grazie and the islands.


The island of Palmaria

It compose the Archipelago of Porto Venere together with the island of Tino and the rock of Tinetto and it is the only inhabited island of Liguria. The figure of Palmaria is triangular and the houses are concentrated on the sides facing towards La Spezia and towards the nearby village of Porto Venere. The side facing the open sea is a majestic limestone wall impassable to man, but it represents home to hundreds of herring gulls. There are several sea caves, such as the famous Grotta Azzurra , and some extremely rare anthropogenic species have been found among the fauna and flora.


The church of St. Peter

During the sea storms, the highest waves strike it, because it sits right on the cliff of the promontory of Porto Venere channel, where once the mainland touched the island of Palmaria. Its profile is unmistakable: the Romanesque coloration with horizontal stripes, obtained by the use of local “portoro” marble, marries beautifully with the blue of the sea. A steep and slippery stepladder leads to the roof of the church, from which you can see the lighthouse on the island of Tino, which illuminates the open sea and the coast of the Cinque Terre by its beam of light. The reputation of the church is such that couples come to get married up here from Japan. And the waiting list is very long.



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