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Alcune foto sono tratte dal sito, il portale meteo della provincia spezzina

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Born during the Etruscan Age, the seaside village of Lerici moved to the Ligurians, then to the Romans. In the Middle Ages, by the growth of its commercial and strategic importance, Lerici was the scene of many struggles for power between the maritime Republics of Genoa and Pisa, who in 1217 signed here a peace treaty promptly disavowed. The transition from one potentate to another changed the structure of the castle several times, until it assumes the current impressive appearance.

Today the village of Lerici, which during the summer is inaccessible to motor vehicles, is connected to the village of San Terenzo through a promenade called “Castle to Castle”. Near the promenade and the residential areas there are numerous beaches frequented by residents and tourists.

Lerici is very much active on the side of the cultural initiatives and events, starting with the literary prize Lerici Pea, Lericinema and Mondomare.




Recognized as one of the most beautiful villages of Italy and Europe( it’s in the CNN’s top 7 of European villages), Tellaro is perched on a cliff a few miles away from Lerici. Among the enchanting views that a visit of the village offers, it’s impossible not to look at the charming rose church surrounded by the sea. The building, named after St. George, is also linked to a known legend: a night of centuries ago, a giant octopus, clinging to the rope of the church bells, warned the population of the arrival of the Saracens.


The geopaleontological in the castle of Lerici


The museum originates from the local discovery of dinosaur and other reptiles footprints, dating back about 220 ​​million years ago, by Ilario Sirigu, passionate amateur researcher who died prematurely: in the wake of this discovery, exceptional in the field of the italic paleontological landscape, the museum of Lerici has expressed a long tradition of geopaleontological studies that have its roots in the nineteenth century, when the scientist Giovanni Capellini, from La Spezia, one of the founders of modern Italian geology, was initiating his first profitable researches right in the promontory of the gulf.



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