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In the middle of the inner city, you will find our information point, with its staff ready to accomodate your needs.

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Alcune foto sono tratte dal sito, il portale meteo della provincia spezzina

Offerte vacanze e viaggi in Liguria e Riviera ligure


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A Necropolis and Roman villa prove the old origins and the importance of the settlement of Ameglia, which was strategically built cllose to the mouth of the Magra River.

It was however during the Middle Age that this borough reached it maximum economical and political importance and around 1315 it can probably be attested to the presence of Dante Alighieri in the hamlet of Bocca di Magra. Afterwards Ameglia passed into the hands of many seigniories until the abbot of Saint George bought it in the XV century.

Today Ameglia is famous especially for the beauty of its old borough which was built on the top of a hill, and for its location, which allows visitors to choose among different possibilities. In the neighborhoods in fact it's possible to find beaches, woods, a river and the botanical garden of Montemarcello.

L'Omo ar bozo
L'Omo ar bozo ( is a spectacular event which takes place on the last Sunday of Carnival. It has its origins in a remote past when the elders of the village brought the first foreigner they found into judgment and the man was condemned to be thrown down a well. The act was mainly allegorical and it was meant to protest against the injustices perpetrated by the liege lords, but, at the beginning of the XX century it casually lighted upon the major of a neighbor village.

Today the inhabitants dress up with colorful costumes which represents different traditional characters and which are real artworks, and the event always promotes a humanitarian project


Montemarcello is a village located on the top of the hill of Carpione and since it is one among the most beautiful boroughs of Italy ( it's definitely worth a visit.

The architectural preservation of the village is amazing and walking through its streets gives the impression of being in a Naïf painting.

All around the borough nature, with the unspoilt inlet of Punta Corvo and the botanical garden of the national park of Montemarcello Magra (, is the real protagonist.



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