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Alcune foto sono tratte dal sito, il portale meteo della provincia spezzina

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Travelling with taste

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The multiple crossings of the table

Focaccia, farinata and rice cakes come out triumphantly from the bakeries of La Spezia: the old take away food is ready for you. But if you want to sit at the table, our traditional dishes will welcome you pleasantly.

The origins of the typical gastronomy of La Spezia come from the darkest centuries of the Middle Ages, when the vine and the olive tree had already been involved in the economy and in the tables of the Romans. From then on, the two most famous dishes from La Spezia, “mesciua” (a sort of legumes soup) and “farinata” (similar to porridge), have never changed.

Legend has it that who invented the mesciua were the poor people by that time, combining grains and legumes that came out of the holes in the sacks. What emerged was a soup made from chickpeas, cannellini and dried beans, grass and spelt, with a pinch of black pepper and a sip of extra virgin olive oil.

Regarding the farinata, crispy pastry made ​​from chickpea flour , it seems that its origins are from a storm that soaked the flour in the holds of a ship, and, wanting to recover anyway  the load, the famous thin cake came out, salted by the sea water​​.

Important protagonists are also mussels, commonly called "muscoli" , to which is also dedicated a demonstration in the village of Lerici: Mytiliade (link - The breedings of this delicious fruit of the sea do not escape from the inside of the view of the Gulf of La Spezia, considered one of the capitals of this crop.

Not to mention the pesto, favorite relish for pasta and as addition to vegetables soups: a real delicacy.

Among other intersections between land and sea, the stuffed mussels, cuttlefish with artichokes and dried cod “alla spezzina” are worth to be noticed not only by the palate. Everything, as it’s said, to be accompanied by the best wines of the area: PGI Gulf of Poets and the DOC of Colli di Luni.

Inland, in those towns where the paths for the traffic of salt and salted anchovies passed, sausages, game and cheeses rule.

From the boar, to be cooked in different ways, we move on to the sausages of Pignone, to end with the rabbit cooked with small and tasty olives from the hills of Liguria: a recipe as simple as delicious.

And to close in the best possible way,  we pass to Sarzana and to other villages of Lunigiana, where the typical dish is the “spongata”, a sweet cake that is prepared primarily during the Christmas season. But it is good for every occasion!



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